Watching the skies over Southern California for unusual weather activity. Persistent jet contrails, or “Chemtrails”, are more and more obvious. Aerosol particle spraying results in rainbow clouds, solar halos, strange cirrus formations, unusual weather and electromagnetic wave patterns.


  1. Just wanted to tell about my sites regarding chems:

    http://www.youtube.com/user/SDChemtrailReport – San Diego Chemtrail Report

  2. There was heavy sparying today in Temecula. Started eary this morning and went on all afternoon. I have several pictures I took from my house I can send them to you if you like.

  3. I think that you are the one I was speaking with at the May 1 Chemtrails meeting where John Whyte spoke. I WANTED to hear more, but my brain was beginning to shut down & I wanted to ask John Whyte some questions. Simply, Chmetrails make my epilepsy WORSE!. I hope you can come to the 6pm, I think, May 23 Chemtrails meeting. I’ll be there by 5:45pm specifically to SPEAK WITH YOU, sir! Right now, my brain will NOT turn off–due to Chemtrails??? YIPEE, in the last 5 minutes, my eyes are shutting!

  4. Puting the pieces together
    Starting in January I knoticed a daily chemtrail spray campaign over San Diego. I reported this information to http://www.stopsprayingcalifornia.com/index.php and the responce was Northern CA was also getting a dose.
    Then we started haveing very heavy weather beginning in April which dropped lots of rain on the entire west coast.
    A friend of mine was commuting to LA via the coastal train early April and she saw HAARP ribbed clouds and the rainbow effect.
    Another unexplained event was the large boom heard in San Diego as show on Youtube blogger Socalskywatch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WDKZhIizFc
    Followed by this earthquake entry by YouTube blogger TheGrowingAwareness.
    Posted this report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATKVN_UPqhk&feature=relmfu

    Yikes this the real terroists at work???

    In addition to the recognition of weird weather and chemtrail spraying this You Tube blogger found three seismic events in the same time frame

  5. I see your videos on 9/22/12 over So California. I took videos and pictures of airplanes dumping chemicals the day before on 9/21/12 when I was driving around the Compton area. Would you like my photos and videos?

  6. Spraying happening here in NYC since Monday Dec 3rd. Today, December 6th, the spraying was epic. If I can figure out to post pictures on this site I will.

  7. I started my facebook page, “San Diego Chemtrails” to document my area in San Diego: https://www.facebook.com/pages/San-Diego-Chemtrails/496348250403666

  8. Include a link to your blog in the resource box of your article. Never lose sight of the fact that without people regularly visiting your platform, you have little reason to write in the first place.

  9. Has anyone in your organization or anyone else that you know of brought a complaint regarding chemtrails in front of the San Diego City Council? I am planning on doing this. I already started correspondence with them (of course, un-replied to as of yet) and the San Diego APCD (who is denying chemtrails). THX. Ricardo

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