Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | December 2, 2012

Aerial Spraying HAARP Poll on FEMA Website

“The repeated claim of CO2-driven climate change without acknowledgment of geoengineering-related environmental intervention is a severe perversion of both meaningful scientific inquiry and public opinion with overwhelming implications for all life on earth”

Chemtrail aerial spraying and HAARP Poll on FEMA website.

Chemtrail aerial spraying and HAARP Poll on FEMA website Modern Weather Science Awareness & Geo-Engineering Discussion Forum.

Link to FEMA POLL:

Modern Weather Science Awareness & Geo-Engineering Discussion Forum

Lives and proper readiness depend on understanding modern weather science and geoengineering  in our sky. There are two major modern day components to our weather that people are just now beginning recognize: (1) Aerial Spraying seen almost daily in our sky appearing as jet condensation trails, but in reality are long lasting, cloud forming hydrolyzed cocktails usually composed of aluminum, barium and strontium and sometimes carbon black and other chemicals. (2)  High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) — essentially a giant 3-km by 3-km, 1000-megawatt microwave with the door left open while it operates to heart the upper atmosphere.

Scientists are ahead of our weather forecasters. Without tracking and incorporating the aerial spraying and microwave bursts into our short range weather forecasts lives are being lost as mild weather forecasts turn instantly (24-to-72 hours) into server weather.  Our group believes Public Safety Readiness compels this technology to be discussed publicly with active congressional oversight. Please join us in this discussion.

POLL: Do you feel we should have more public discussion on the two modern technologies discussed above: (1) Aerial Spaying – aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. and (2) HAARP ?



  1. Yes Yes Yes Yes! What group is actively pursuing this legally!!!! I need to make an end of year tax deductable donation and I will send it to them to stop killing me!

    Last week I watched two chemtrail planes over Point Loma West to East and another plane with a normal CONTRAIL same elevation and flight path, through binoculars; evidence???

  2. Los Angeles has been covered with Chemtrails non stop since Thanksgiving…Last Friday Dec 21, 2012 we were driving over the 405 fwy southbound and the 101fwy you could see the entire SFV sky being bombarded and it looked somewhat like the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is outrageous that most of the population that was driving home from work that afternoon was completely unaware of what was being done overhead in broad daylight. We are fully under attack and being forced to inhale these highly toxic chemicals. I have a two year old grand-daughter that loves the outdoors and she has been so sick with Asthma like symptoms since the intensified aerosol spraying experiments of the last few weeks. I am desperate and want my voice heard to bring these people to justice.

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