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Mystery Smell Chemtrail Connection (News Video)

Local News Reports, “It Came From The Ocean” – Others Look To The Sky

Tuesday July 24, 2012 North San Diego – After a mostly clear, sunny day at the coast, aerosol spraying by three planes from around five to six o’clock seemed obvious to anyone looking up. About the same time, concerned citizens started calling officials and news outlets about a strong natural-gas like smell.

Video time-line (quick links on YouTube):
0:01 Mostly sunny with a chance of chemtrails.
0:19 Three aerosol grid lines sprayed between five and six o’clock.
0:43 Aerosol spraying east of San Diego.
0:48 ABC 10News “Foul Odor Rolls Across County”
1:08 “Dripped all over her car”
1:48 Eyewitness from Del Mar at Cardiff-by-the-sea.
2:08 “some kind of aerosol compound she says fell from the sky”
3:08 CBS 8 Breaking News Alert, “Mystery Gas Smell Alarming People In North County”
4:25 It’s not a natural gas leak but it is coming from the ocean… “sewer lines that run under water get over pressurized and let out methane gas and that sometimes smells like natural gas”?! NOTE: Methane is a colorless, odorless gas!
5:08 News 8 at Eleven – No gas leak and no cause for alarm!
6:26 described like a”sulfur-dioxide” smell – Stratospheric sulfate aerosols (geoengineering)
6:50 Twitter feeds, “My nose was burning and my stomach hurt”, “Stinks bad, SDGE said to leave house”
7:00 Reports came in from Lucadia, Encinitas, Del Mar, Torrey Pines, Carmel Valley, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Bernardo.
7:22 “Air-Quality Experts”
8:02 “Last August, a similar mystery odor was reported… the source of that smell was never definitively determined.”
8:16 Approximate Times & Locations of Aerosol Spraying
8:48 ABC 10News next day follow-up
9:06 “Scripps Institution of Oceanography Grad students found a deep sea site where gas appears to be leaking from the sea floor.”
9:20 Methane Gas?
9:52 “Could Methane (normally odorless) be the source of the mysterious smell?”
10:10 “Highly Unlikely”, “Methane itself doesn’t smell like anything”

Credit Getty

Credit Getty

Around 5 o’clock

Lifeguards in Encinitas were first to report the strong, pungent odor at about 5 p.m. The odor was described as a gas-like smell rolling in off the ocean.

Soon after, 10News was flooded with calls. Residents from the coast all the way to Rancho Bernardo and 4S Ranch reported experiencing the smell. Some complained of headaches and outdoor activities were canceled.

Smells like…

“It smelled like gas from the stove, or propane,” said Lauren Humann, a Del Mar lifeguard who noticed the smell when she was paddling around on a longboard Tuesday afternoon. “It was not pleasant at all. It was almost toxic, it seemed like.

Officials say several people called 911 reporting what they thought was a natural gas leak. A search conducted by the North County Fire Department turned up no gas leaks.

“It was a strong enough smell that five minutes later, I called 911,” Encinitas resident David Collins told News 8.

“It smelled like it was a gas leak,” added Maryanne Bache, who lives next door. “And if it wasn’t a gas leak, it smelled like propane.”

“Aerosol Compound” fell from sky and coated car windows.

At about 5:30 p.m., the woman parked at San Dieguito County Park and took a photo of what she believes is some kind of aerosol compound she says fell from the sky and coated her car windows.“I tried to wipe it and it was black and sticky and tried to put my window down and it smeared,” she said.

Facebook & Twitter

Tuesday afternoon a mystery odor rolled over Encinitas, which had a lot of locals scratching their heads—and plugging their noses.

Around 5 p.m. authorities began receiving reports of the smell, which was described as similar to natural gas. The odor reportedly moved south, to Solana Beach and Del Mar. By 6 p.m. reports of the smell were coming all over North County, according to the City of Encinitas Fire Department’s Facebook page.

Several Facebook users also reported smelling the strong, sulfuric smell throughout the county.

The source of the smell, which some said smelled like the sulfur scent added to natural gas, was unclear, but it led some to call the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, authorities said.

San Diego Gas & Electric Co. took to its Twitter account to say that its crews were working with authorities to investigate the cause. The utility reported that its crews “have surveyed the area and have not identified any gas leaks.”

Air-Quality Experts

The San Diego Air County Pollution Control District looked into it. Upon hearing reports of the funk, they sent an investigator, who couldn’t detect anything.

Rob Reider, spokesman for the district, said there were light winds, about 5 to 6 mph out of the northwest, at the time the smell was noticed, but that the agency can do little if they can’t find the odor.

Late Tuesday night, 10News received a statement from the City of Solana Beach that read, “Please do not be alarmed. The apparent smell of gas reported from Oceanside to La Jolla is not a leak of gas. The smell is caused by natural occurring condition from the ocean.”

The Air Pollution Control District says it will begin conducting tests Wednesday. It has special stations set up throughout the county which constantly gather air samples…

It Happened One Year Ago

The Encinitas Undercover blog offers more on the theory, explaining that the release of natural gas happens when there’s a thermal turnover of layers offshore—and it’s pretty common this time of year in the height of the summer. In fact, some locals may remember a very similar mystery odor that set in on Encinitas around this time last year.

Some callers have told News 8 the smell is similar to an incident in 2011. One resident in Encinitas described the odor as “sewer gas or a really strong gas of some sort.”

Officials say several people called 911 reporting what they thought was a natural gas leak. A search conducted by the North County Fire Department turned up no gas leaks.

A mystery odor reportedly floated over San Diego County in August of last year. It was also described as smelling like fuel, and was first detected in North County, including Del Mar. It was noticed in the afternoon and was eventually noted by people in University City, Scripps Ranch, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Hillcrest and downtown San Diego.

The source of that smell was never determined, Reider said.

Ocean Methane Leak Debunked by NBC7 San Diego

“We think it was a really surprising coincidence that we happened to find this methane seep at the same time,” said Benjamin Grupe, a UCSD graduate student who helped discover the seep. “But just because we discovered it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been there for hundreds if not thousands of years.”

Many associate methane with the gas-like odor they detected Tuesday. But the methane Grupe and his peers found earlier this month actually doesn’t have an odor at all.

Chemtrails – Approximate Times & Locations of Aerosol Spraying

Approximate Times & Locations of Aerosol Spraying

Approximate Times & Locations of Aerosol Spraying

5:38pm - Chemtrail sprayed parallel to another recently sprayed expanding chemtrail.

Tuesday July 24, 2012 San Diego, CA 5:38pm – Chemtrail sprayed parallel to another recently sprayed expanding chemtrail.

6:14pm - Another geoengineering plane sprays a third parallel aerosol particle trail next to the previous two forming a grid across Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and coastal areas of north San Diego.

Tuesday July 24, 2012 San Diego, CA 6:14pm – Another geoengineering plane sprays a third parallel aerosol particle trail next to the previous two forming a grid across Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and coastal areas of north San Diego.

6:32pm - Expanding chemtrail gird.

Tuesday July 24, 2012 San Diego, CA 6:32pm – Expanding chemtrail gird.

Original Media Links:

Mysterious, Gas-Like Odor Reported In North County Residents In Encinitas, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach Reported Strange, Gas-Like Smell

Could Gas Leaking From Sea Floor Be Source Of Mystery Odor?
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REGION: Mystery smell wafts across parts of North County

Smell That? Mystery Odor Covers Encinitas

Mystery Smell Reported Along North County Coast

Mystery Smell Myth Debunked: Researcher
Gas-like smell reported throughout North County not linked to methane discovery

Photo gallery:

Did you smell the mystery odor or see the chemtrail grid?

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Chemtrails in San Diego Meetup Group

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  1. nos estan envenenando a nivel mundial; y nadie dice nada. gobiernos del mundo=ASESINOSSSS

  2. After reporting the slime that covered car windows in the first news segment, they didn’t even talk about it further on any of the news stories. Unreal.They focus on the smell as being methane gas from the ocean – when methane is odourless. Meanwhile, stuff is falling from the sky on to people’s windshields, and the chemical aerosol lines in the sky are not only lingering, but spreading! Please take your blinders off news anchors! What incomplete reporting – and so tragically typical. I’m actually surprised they even mentioned this happening. News shows are always dodging the obvious and are paid to cover up the truth. That goes for news coverage regarding chemical aerosol spraying everywhere, including here in Victoria, B.C. Canada. Never rely on any mainstream media news coverage to report the truth. It never happens.

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  4. Well sorry you guys have wasted so much of your precious time on Earth investigating Chemtrails, but the issue has been solved by James Russell of Hampton University, in a study conducted by NASA’s Ames Project. Russell has determined that they are just Noctilucent Clouds, clouds formed when (get this) Meteorite dust or rather a substance in Meteorite dust causes such clouds to form. Simple, right? And to think, you thought these clouds were forming because they were sprayed out of nozzles of specially outfitted airplanes! HA! What? Don’t believe me? Well it’s all right here in this NASA created video on YouTube. So pack up your cameras and move on. Your far out theories of Conspiracy debunked once and for all by our Government’s Guardian of the skies, NASA. (Bet you feel silly now to have ever doubted, huh?
    ScienceCasts: Meteor Smoke Makes Strange Clouds

    • I’m not really going to watch the video itself, but I just wanted to make note of the fact that you seem to be believing NASA quite a bit. Quite, quite a bit.

      • Of course not! Just the opposite…If you did watch it you would see how ridicules their explanation is, and how they are setting it up to explain away chem-trails to anyone who doesn’t know the truth, as Meteorite dust! According to the video, there was no meteorite dust until less than 100 years ago! I was totally joking. I’m sorry I’m not a good enough comedy writer for you to get the joke. I think your work is laudable, important, even dangerous. Thank you for taking the risk to keep us informed. Also they say in the video that the meteorite dust is spreading and getting brighter. This lets us know they intend to continue to bombard our skies until there is no darkness at night. Doesn’t explain why they need this condition. I wish you would take a look at the video because maybe, from your state of knowledge you could better explain the what and why to us of their thinking. Just saying…but if not, thanks anyway.

    • It is not uncommon to be duped, I am sorry that you have as well.
      Watch this short video and be well 🙂

  5. HA! Just read your section on Iridescent clouds! Maybe that is the answer! In order to use HAARP to create earthquakes anywhere in the world they want, they need this chemical mess floating all over the planet!

  6. They are getting us used to seeing CT and getting the military used to doing CT. At the moment they are using what they think as (no big deal chemicals). Now in a later event they could or will use the agenda 21 chemical to truly drop the population. Day after day I point to the sky and ask if an individual knows what I am pointing to, they have always said clouds or marine layer. Never fails, I do get most folks attention upon an explanation which is fine. Somehow the masses need to know all in one swoop what what is taking place. But how…

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