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Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference in Los Angeles

The Largest Gathering In History Against Chemtrails August 17-19, 2012

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 - Conference & Fundraiser

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 – Conference & Fundraiser

Los Angeles, CA Are Geo-Engineers playing God with our weather? That question and many others will be pondered during three days of discussion centered on science, action plans and solutions at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference to be held from August 17 – 19, 2012, at the historic 1250+ seat Ebell Theater in Los Angeles – a suitably grand venue for the largest gathering against Geo-Engineering & Chemtrails in history. The conference will feature the premiere of Michael Murphy’s new film, “Why in The World Are They Spraying?”

The CBC conference is also a fundraiser for Morgellons Research, as all net proceeds will go to helping two leading groups acquire the equipment they need to further study this disease and not be dependent on outside lab testing.

The subject matter of this weekend long event will focus on an issue that is increasingly becoming a concern to many citizens – it’s called Geo-Engineering and is associated with what is commonly referred to as “Chemtrails.”

As scientists try to deal with some of the most crucial environmental issues of our time, many are embracing the idea of controlling the weather and some have even gone as far as to suggest that spraying heavy metals in the atmosphere may help reduce global warming. This “playing God” scenario is also being pushed by corporations and governments – all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. In recent years, extremely elevated levels of aluminum, barium, strontium and other metallic elements have been found California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and other regions of the northwestern U.S. and southwestern Canada. Could this be the result of such weather modification that is already taking place? And if so, why haven’t the citizens in these areas been told of such activities?

Is anyone concerned about the effects of these toxins on humans and animals –not to mention our food and water supplies? Examining the global implications of such weather modifications at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference will be a dynamic roster of speakers that include weather experts, scientists, whistleblowers, researchers, philosophers, filmmakers and journalists.

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 – Conference & Fundraiser

Los Angeles Aug 17-19, 2012

Ebell Theater
743 S Lucerne Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010


  • Michael J. Murphy —What In The World Are They Spraying  and  Why In The World Are They Spraying
  • Clifford Carnicom
  • William Thomas
  • Sofia Smallstorm
  • Allan Buckmann
  • Francis Mangels
  • Deborah J. Whitman
  • Scott Stevens
  • Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
  • Leuren Moret
  • Alfred Lambremont Webre
  • Kerry Cassidy
  • Laura Eisenhower
  • Dr Wil Spencer
  • “Dr Dream” Mark Peebler

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails: August 17-19, 2012
Live Conference in L.A. & Global Webcast



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