Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | April 3, 2012

4/3/12 Massive Chemtrail Spraying, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, HAARP Clouds

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 – Video reports from across the country show aerosol spraying on a grand scale.

Massive Spraying Statewide Over California

Chemtrails over Los Angeles April 3, 2012 Time-Lapse

Chemtrails of HELL – San Fernando

ChemtrAil: valley of death

Chemtrails in Fresno, CA, USA April 3, 2012

Chemtrails Central Valley California 4/3/12

Chemtrail Assault – San Luis Obispo – April 1st to 3rd.


Chemtrails all over – Banning, CA

Up close chemtrail – Alpine, CA

HAARP & Chemtrail Videos from Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Alabama, Pennsylvania

Chemtrail (or… ?) bands over SW FL 4-3-12

CHEMTRAILS Strange Lines In The Sky HAARP – Austintown, Ohio

Chemtrails in Central IL 4-3-12 approx. 9AM

Third Chemtrail over Dothan, AL 4/3/2012

4/3 heavy Geoengineering

Ring Around the Sun 4-3-12

Chemtrails April 3rd 2012 Pennsylvania

Earthquakes In Southern California & Oklahoma

A Swarm of Small Quakes Rattle Nerves in Riverside County

For two days, a series of small quakes have struck the Inland Empire, the latest shaking up residents near Indio on Tuesday Morning.

4/3/2012 — Oklahoma 4.0M earthquake = US Army Ammo depot SURROUNDED by frack wells

Tornadoes In Texas

Raw: Tornado in Dallas Texas (April, 3 2012)

4/3/2012 — MASSIVE outbreak of tornadoes , large hail , damaging wind = 20 states or more

CHEMTRAIL TIME-LAPSE: News 10NBC’s Rich Caniglia pinpoints today’s city forecast.

Rochester City forecast for April 3



  1. Nice work!!!

  2. I am sorry to see u all suffer< Obama is Behind this, He wants to robot the world and get rid of human population, he has been destroying Ireland as well, he invested in co Carlow, and has started growng GMO, to import it to you guys in America, with lots of Chemicals added to your Food,

  3. Just Look After yourselfs and take care< from Ireland, we love you all guys, great video footage

    • What makes you say obama is behind the spraying? its gotten real bad since the beginning of spring this year

  4. […] LocalNews shared a link. 4/3/12 Massive Chemtrail Spraying, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, HAARP Clouds Tuesday, April 3, 2012 – Video reports from across the country show […]

  5. Most chem-trails I’ve seen in L.A area all summer. I find it really weird that they started lighting the sky up with trails late yesterday evening 10/2/12 and have been continuing all day today. Could it have something to do with tonight’s debate? Mind control? hmmm shit is for sure fucked up. Rode my bike for 4 hours around malibu and the santa monica mnts today and I’ve already got fucked up sinus and throat issuies. new I should have stayed inside today.

  6. SoCal got hit hard with Chen today, started last night…

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