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Chemtrail HAARP Wave Cloud Cover

Thursday, January 5, 2012 San Diego, CA – Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) jet planes spray chemtrail plumes across the sky in giant “boomerangs”. HAARP wave patterns emerge in the chem haze forming rows of iridescent tube clouds or hundreds of thin parallel lines. Planes fly in areas of the sky not used by commercial aircraft. Chemtrails quickly spread out and cover the entire sky on a day forecast to be clear and sunny.

1/5/2012 San Diego 11:20am - "Boomerang" shaped chemtrail next to HAARP wave cloud formation.

1/5/2012 San Diego 11:20am - "Boomerang" shaped chemtrail next to HAARP wave cloud formation.

Reports from across the country on 1/5/12 show evidence of Large Area Coverage (LAC).

From Wikipedia – Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage), was a U.S. Army Chemical Corps operation which dispersed microscopic zinc cadmium sulfide (ZnCdS) particles over much of the United States. The purpose was to determine the dispersion and geographic range of biological or chemical agents.

It appears that chemical & biological testing continues to be carried out over the heads of the mass populations of planet Earth.

1/5/2012 San Diego 11:35am - Parallel rows of HAARP wave clouds.

1/5/2012 San Diego 11:35am - Parallel rows of HAARP wave clouds.

Geo-engineering scientists say they need to spray the atmosphere to save us from global warming. They call this Plan B as an option to actually curbing “greenhouse” emissions. They say this is only in the planning stage but the evidence in the sky is obvious to anyone paying attention. The aerosol spraying is what is causing this fake winter heat wave. Weather control modification is the source of “climate change” and they offer Solar Radiation Management (SRM) & Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE) as a solution. So the spraying will continue just like the endless wars…

1/5/2012 San Diego 11:41am - Chemtrails and HAARP wave clouds.

1/5/2012 San Diego 11:41am - Chemtrails and HAARP wave clouds.



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  2. Ironic fact is that these geo-engineers (mass murderers) are actuallu inducing the fictional, so called “climate change”, rather than “reducing emissions”. Fuck that bullshit. CO2 AND O2 along with H2O and minerals are keys to life on this planet, undereducated people will never figure this out..

  3. There was massive chem spraying of Frederick, Maryland, on Friday Jan. 6 and Saturday Jan 7. I noticed it a 11 AM and it went on until about 3 PM. There must have been 20-30 planes. I seemed to be the only one to notice it.

    • I know how you feel, same days fri and sat. 1-6-12 and 1-7-12 only different state – Ohio, southern portion. It was so noticeable! It was a clear sunny day and they ” criss crossed” the sky so much that by Sunday it was a hazy overcast and then it rained on monday and most of the week. I took pictures and wondered why no one else seemed to notice. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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  5. I was in San Diego the last week of the year (2011) and was observing the sky while riding the bus or waiting in lines at the zoo, Sea World, or Lego-Land. While hiking in La Jolla on the last day of the year, I took some videos of chemtrail formations that I don’t see in my neck of the woods, namely trails with curves (like what a crop-duster makes when he’s at the end of a row).

    I’d share my videos, but they were done on a flip, are short, and not quality.

  6. Stop complaining about Chemtrails and get yourself Orgonites, they remove the chemtrails. Period!

  7. Wow. This is happening EVERYWHERE!
    I live in Saratoga Springs, NY. We had massive lines in the sky all day on March 7, 2012. So much so, that I took photos.

    When I came to work around 9am, there were clear blue skies.
    When I went out for lunch around 1pm, I noticed a few lines in the sky.
    Then – pow! all these planes showed up by 2pm.
    I mean a LOT of planes! A whole sky full of jets!

    We are north of Albany (NY State capital). We are not in a real frequent fly zone up here. What’s up with this stuff?

    By the time I left work, around 6pm, the ENTIRE sky was criss-crossed with these vapor trails and they were expanding and causing a really surreal white-out.

    Now, that was something to witness in itself but the unbelievable part was me talkin to some folks across the street at a local gas station/convenience store and having them shrug it off like I was imagining things. So– What’s up with that??

    I noticed that very few days are vapor-trail free days. I can spot old trails persisting in the sky drifting in from the west and expanding clear across the sightline. Even today, the sky looks blue but is not completely clear. No regular clouds. If you look hard enough, you’ll notice a vail of trails way up high barely noticeable to the naked eye.

    This stuff is giving me the creeps.

  8. One of the earliest visual recordings of a chemtrail is in the 1985 movie “TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A.” at the 8:52 mark in the film.

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