Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | July 28, 2011

Massive Chemtrail Grid Over California’s Marine Layer Continues July 20, 21, 22, 23

California skies appeared to be free of clouds and chemtrails through most of July with the exception of the daily marine layer. Radar and satellite views posted by various YouTube weather watchers suggests an ongoing massive aerosol spraying project over the Pacific Ocean.

Wednesday, July 20 – treasurecoastskywatch posts a screenshot of chemtrail grids over the Pacific.

Steering the storm 7-20-2011 6pm EST Off N CA

Steering the storm 7-20-2011 6pm EST Off N CA

Thursday, July 21 – dutchsinse reports on the cloud seeding grids and predicts severe storms.

7/21/2011 — Heavy Chemtrail activity = severe storms upon US arrival

Friday, July 22 – covers the dutchsinse video and soon other weather watchers post videos:

Cali-Chemtrails – Cut These Congress! 7/22/2011 by WaronErrorDKos

7-23-11 Chemtrails again off the coast of California by TTWSYFREE




  1. Jay Reynolds told me they were from ships ? LOL .

  2. Its 5pm EST and the west coast has another grid pattern off of N California.out in the pacific

  3. Heres a screen shot from today 10pm EST 7-28-11

  4. Well, the website clearly says that these trails are in the marine boundary layer. Yes, these are low altitude ship trails that persist for days due to their formation in stable air just above the cold ocean water.

    • Hey Jay you never answered my question ? What do you know abouit geoengineering and do you believe in man made climate change ? How much does the government pay you to be a troll ?

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