Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | June 14, 2011

California Chemtrails & Big Earthquakes On 6/11/11

Saturday, June 11, 2011 – California – A 4.4 earthquake on Thursday near the Mexico border gave a reminder of the 7.1 Easter quake from last year. That was followed by a 3.1 and a 3.3 on Friday in the same area.

Early Saturday morning a 3.6 magnitude quake struck 55 miles WSW from Los Angeles Civic Center. Later a 3.3 hit a quake-prone area in Baja California, Mexico. At 2:08 in the afternoon another 3.3 was reported 41 miles NNW from San Francisco City Hall (now recorded as 3.1).

USGS Big Earthquakes in California 6/11/11

USGS Big Earthquakes in California 6/11/11

Three magnitude 3+ earthquakes in one day went unnoticed in the press after the 4.4 border quake was reported. However, several chemtrail video activists did report massive aerosol spraying all over California on June 11th.

Killer Chem-trails HAARP Squaw Valley CA 6.11.11

HAARP -Chem-lines Central Valley CA 6.11.11

NO SUMMER FOR CALIFORNIA (chemtrails) – San Jose CA

Chem Trails/Nibiru – 6/11/11 – Madera CA

Chem Trails Aftermath – Madera CA

Visalia CA June 11, 2011 heavy chemtrail spraying



  1. I live in Whittier California. We are plagued with massive “chemtrails” nearly everyday. These are wrong! This causes the sky to turn a nice sunny day to a complete grey dull sky, vry eerie! Unatural. I believe this has been responsible for the death of the honey bees. Fish. Birds.. Many illnesses that even I have symptoms of. At night these clouds glow a dull luminous pink! As if radiation or something similar is lingering. This is an assault on the human race. What and who is benifitting from this? The so called climate control has damaged the earth and all living creatures. Population control? Wartime genicide? Trying to desensitize the population from god knows what or why! I fear for our planet and entire human existence! Truly believe this is responsible for the major climate events we are experiencing. H.A.A.R.P AND these

  2. Part 2 of my first to comment! Somehow I got posted before finishing. H.A.A.R.P. AND these other govermental agencies. I hear around 7 different clandestine experimental programs are ongoing. WE MUST STAND UP AS A PEOPLE AND DEMAND AND END TO THIS! ALSO A COMPLETE DISCLOSURE – FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT? FUNDING DISCLOSURE! WE NEED YOU! TO BECOME AWARE AND SPREAD THE WORD! SAVE OUR PLANET! A concerned american! God help us!

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