Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | June 3, 2011

S-curve Chemtrails and Sun Dogs over San Diego

Giant expanded chemtrail S-curve plume at sunset.

Giant expanded chemtrail S-curve plume at sunset.

Thursday, June 2, 2011 – Another full day of spraying with very few real clouds ends with loopy twin trails. Spread out chemtrails with particle fallout reflects the sunlight creating sun dogs and chembows. Overlapping wave patterns form in the chemtrail haze.



  1. Thanks very much for this, as it prompts me to inform anyone interested that here in San Francisco during the past month we’ve seen evening skies with sun dogs on three occasions. Ours were usually multiple gray sun shadows in dark clouds just before sunset; but sometimes bright dogs like your own.

    And although we only monitor the skies occasionally, we also saw unnatural looking clouds that appeared to be chem trails months ago. As for the sun dogs, in William R. Corliss’ encyclopedic reference on the sky, ‘Unusual National Phenomena,’ he says that they’re actually supposed to be rare!

    Be sure to check out the reviews on his book at Amazon, if you haven’t already got this on your reference shelf, as it is stunning. And years ago, when I used to have his address, Corliss was generous enough to respond.

  2. Correction: the book is actually ‘Unusual Natural Phenomena.’

  3. The angle of diffraction for water and ice crystals is 22*. The angle of diffraction for metallic salts is 46*. If the halo (or sun dogs which are just segments of a halo) are at 46* then it can not be formed by water or ice. These numbers don’t change. Incontrovertible proof that metallic salts are used.

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