Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend Chemtrail Circled X’s Actually Hollywood Movie Promo

Chemtrail Circle with X

Chemtrail Circle with X

Memorial Day Weekend, Southern California – With clear blue skies for the holiday weekend, it wasn’t hard to miss the spray planes making circles and then X’ing them out. From Los Angeles to San Diego, people snapped pictures, took videos and wondered what was going on. Was it a military salute or a target? Chemtrails over backyard BBQ’s?

X-Men Logo Skywriting Promotion

X-Men Logo Skywriting Promotion

According to San Diego CBS 8, the skywriting was a promotion for the new X-Men movie. Well that might explain the strange lines in the sky over the weekend, but the real chemtrails were back in force on Tuesday, May 31st. Planes sprayed chem pollution continuously sunup to sundown from San Diego to San Luis Obispo with thick parallel lines, not the cutesie hugs and kisses patterns.

Sky full of actual chemtrails on Tuesday, May 31st.

Unexplained Chemtrail Circles.


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