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Join Mothers for Peace on April 16: Protest Against Diablo and Stand Up for Clean Energy

Join Mothers for Peace on April 16, 2011:
Protest Against Diablo and Stand Up for Clean Energy.
Meet at noon at Avila Pier in Avila Beach, California.

April 16th Diablo Canyon Protest

Excerpts from the 1982 documentary film, “Dark Circle”.

Diablo Canyon was built and entered service despite legal challenges and civil disobedience from the anti-nuclear protesters of the Abalone Alliance. Over a two-week period in 1981, 1,900 activists were arrested at Diablo Canyon Power Plant. It was the largest arrest total in the history of the U.S. anti-nuclear movement.

0:26 1963 National Educational Television program on plutonium processing.
1:33 Black Brant Geese fly by Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant near San Luis Obispo, California.
2:28 Inside Unit 1 Containment Reactor Vessel at Diablo.
4:00 25 years before the accidental near meltdown at Three Mile Island, the federal government had begun a series of planned experiments, destroying it’s own reactors in the desert.
4:20 Idaho 1955 Nuclear Reactor Explosion Test
4:40 New Mexico 1965 Nuclear Reactor Explosion Test
4:55 Nevada 1965 – Actual explosion of an unshielded nuclear reactor, it’s radioactive core blown to pieces and scattered to the atmosphere.
5:55 Mothers for Peace tried to stop construction of the plant, but at the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission Hearings, they discovered certain restrictions.
7:45 Leafleting at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant main gate.
8:54 “None of the equipment or material or structures here would fail or be adversely effected by the earthquake.”
9:24 “Is it possible to design and build anything with a sufficient degree of certainty and safety that you should go ahead and do it.”
9:36 Diablo Canyon Anti-Nuclear Protest in San Luis Obispo, CA
10:00 60 local groups from across California formed a coalition to organize large scale highly visible opposition to Diablo.
10:13 California Governor Jerry Brown came out against Diablo.
10:25 In the end there was no time for rallies or marches. Back at Diablo Canyon’s Main Gate, the human blockade began.
12:48 The blockade continued, even though the license had been granted. Over a two-week span, 600 officers made nearly 2,000 arrests. It became the longest and in terms of arrests, the largest civil disobedience action in the history of U.S. nuclear power.
13:14 With the main gate cleared and the last blockader in jail, Pacific Gas & Electric made final preparations to start the reactor. But then, at the last moment, PG&E publicly admitted a grave mistake. There are two reactors at Diablo, mirror images of each other. The blueprints for units 1 & 2 had gotten mixed up and the earthquake supports for the cooling pipes, the same cooling system designed to prevent meltdown had been installed backwards. It was the first of hundreds of mistakes discovered later, all made on the 2.5 billion dollar structure, described by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as the most highly analyzed building in the world.
14:50 Mother for Peace had bought enough time for the mistake to be discovered.
15:03 Analogy to “Boiling Frogs”.
15:52 As a scientist once said, “Beware of plutonium! Don’t let it escape. If you let it escape, it may come back to you.”
17:10 Comment by filmmaker, Judy Irving.

Join Mothers for Peace on Saturday, April 16, 2011:
Protest Against Diablo and Stand Up for Clean Energy
Meet at Avila Pier in Avila Beach, CA, at noon.


  1. Solar and other alternative sources of energy. Devices that use these energies. Close down all Nuclear digs and facilities…become sane.

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