Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | March 25, 2011

Chemtrail Sunblock 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011 – Complete cloud cover over Southern California. Massive spraying is visible above the haze and chemtrail shadows appear on the clouds. A massive smooth white cloud breaks up into wave pattern formations. Chemtrail haze and fallout reduces ground visibility to “greyout” conditions. A chemtrail dissolves a line across the puffy clouds below. More chemtrail shadows can be seen drifting by the obscured sun.


Video index:
0:01 Thick clouds & heavy spraying block out the sun.
0:24 Large smooth white cloud with chemtrail shadow lines.
0:52 Smooth white cloud breaks up with wave pattern formations.
2:02 Chemtrail X is sprayed.
3:02 Chemtrail shadows above the thick overcast & puffy clouds.
3:22 Chemtrail haze fallout from the sky to the ground.
3:54 Chemtrails sprayed above cloud cover pass by the sun.
4:00 A negative or reverse chemtrail dissolves the clouds below it creating a path of separation in the cloud cover.
4:54 More chemtrails drift by the sun above the cloud haze.



  1. I only took one pic that day, here it is

  2. Oh I also took a short video of the filmy skies that day too! here it is

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