Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | March 19, 2011

Head On Chemtrail Spray Plane Flybys

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 – Phoenix & Gila Bend, Arizona – Aerosol planes continuously spray crisscrossing line segments in the sky. One plane makes a U-turn then turns the spray off and on before crossing two other chemtrail jets. Other planes are captured flying head on into the others path.


0:01 Chemtrail planes flying head on past each other.
0:24 Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering plane makes U-turn.
0:48 SAG plane then turns sprayer off and on, off and on.
1:22 Plane crosses previous chemtrial in X pattern and another sprayer completes a double cross.
2:08 A plane with a short “contrail” flys next to expanded chemtrail. Several UFO orbs can be seen flying by (not the focus of this video – watch in HiDef 1080).
3:37 SAG spray plane flys head on past another plane spraying intermittent lines.
5:16 REPLAY of head on fly by.
5:40 Slo-Motion REPLAY.
5:56 Plane flys by previously expanded chemtrails.
7:55 A plane with a short contrail flys head on past a plane with slightly longer contrail.



  1. thank you very much for this excellent report

    best wishes from lleida (europe)

  2. nice vid !

  3. Do we have id’s on the aircrafts? Such a tail numbers?? Aircraft markings?? Something we can trace back to the people that are poisoning us. So we can go after the companies or govenment agencies involved.
    This can be as easy as a camera with a telephoto len.


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