Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | March 3, 2011

Wave Clouds, Spray Planes & Dark Beam Chemtrails

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 – Strange shaped wave clouds blow onshore, break up into geometric fractal patterns and cover the sky. A plane is captured turning off the aerosol sprayer. Clouds spread out like talcum powder on water and more wave clouds can be seen inland over San Marcos. A chemtrail cloud reshapes itself into overlapping wave patterns that looks like a thumbprint in the sky. A plane flies across the cloud cover and in it’s wake leaves a negative or reverse chemtrail, like a vacuum removing a thin line from the cloud haze.

0:01 Nine-thirty AM, view from San Diego near the coast. Clouds with wave patterns blow onshore.
0:40 Video of giant “screw” cloud.
1:54 The next wave of “wave” clouds rolls in.
2:10 Aerosol plane stops spraying just as it passes over.
2:32 Talcum powder clouds and more wave formations seen over San Marcos.
3:30 Chemtrail cloud reshaped with interference wave patterns looks like giant thumbprint in the sky.
4:18 Dark beam or black line chemtrail shadow cuts through the cloud cover as seen from Temecula.
6:06 Rows of wave patterns rip across the wispy high clouds.



  1. Thanks for logging this spraying…
    How was the WITWATS screening on 2/27?

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