Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | January 4, 2011

Patent for Removing Aluminum from the Brain

Device For Removing Deleterious Charged Molecules From Brain Tissue

A system for removing charged species from brain tissue;

  • “High levels of aluminum, copper, iron, and zinc have been found in the brains of AD patients.”
  • “Aluminum is of particular concern. It has long been hypothesized that aluminum plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of AD, although this point has remained controversial.”
  • “Because it has been proposed that these heavy metals are a key lynchpin in the progression of AD, there have been numerous attempts to remove these heavy metals from brain tissue.”
  • “The present inventors have appreciated that when aluminum is taken up in the brain, about 90% of it becomes complexed with citrates.”
  • “Accordingly, the present inventors have developed an invention that takes advantage of the mobility of anionic aluminum citrate complexes under an electric field and the permeability of the cribriform plate, wherein an anode is placed in the nasal cavity and a voltage is applied. The resulting electric field draws the highly mobile anionic aluminum citrate complexes from the brain extracellular fluid (ECF) and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through the cribriform plate and into the nasal cavity, thereby removing the harmful aluminum species the brain.”
  • “The passage of aluminum through the nasal cavity is reported in Yokel, Env. Health Persp., 110(Supp. 5), Oct. 2002, 699-704.”

Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease AD – Geo-Engineering chemtrail spray

Search google patents for US 2009/0204058 or patent # 7,509,171,509,171

Its named “Device for removing deleterious charged molecules from brain tissue. Its a non invasive procedure and can be used on a daily basis. The technology behind it is quite simple and consists of 2 or more electrodes with a current of no more then .20ma passed between them creating a field that pulls the target material into the sinus area of the brain and is removed with the mucus. With the increasing geoengineering spray consisting of primarily aluminum and other metals the increase of AD is most certain. So why is this device not on the front page of every scientific and medical mag in publication? Why is the public unaware of its existence? Why are DR’s not aware of it (at lease every one I’ve talked to about it) A device that cures AD that is not being promoted by Johnson & Johnson show that they feel they can make more profit by it not being on the market or you would see it all over the news. So, I guess its up to us to build it for ourselves.

Thanks to Conceptual Tyrannosaurus,


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