Posted by: SoCal SkyWatch | December 19, 2010

Chemtrail Assault at Sunset, Spraying After Dark

Chemtrails at Sunset

Chemtrail Assault at Sunset

Thursday, December 16, 2010 –
Spray planes attack the west coast just before sunset and continue spraying into the night. Photos taken from I-5 near Lake Forrest, California at 5:00 pm. While driving south, planes flew north directly over the congested freeway. The trails expanded so wide they overlapped each other. Numerous chemtrail lines stretched from Oceanside to Irvine, about 40 miles long. The moonlight helped to illuminate the silvery trails which should have been obvious to rush-hour travelers stuck in traffic.

Chemtrail Feather Clouds at Sunset

Chemtrail Feather Clouds at Sunset

Chemtrails by Moonlight

Chemtrails by Moonlight



  1. theyre killing us here in oregon to.allthe trees here are rapidly are your trees?ive tried calling response.they dont give a flying f.

  2. WISCONSIN TOO chemtrailing now at night.

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